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How to register my business?

Quickly learn how to set up your business. leer más

How to configure business tables and seating?

Quickly learn how to configure the layout of your tables correctly. Tables and seats are used to generate online reservation slots and for table ordering. leer más

How to configure reservations?

Learn how to set up and accept online reservations at your restaurant and how the system works. leer más

How to manually add an online reservation?

Learn the best way to add a reservation for your customers quickly. leer más

How to configure product options?

Learn how to set up product options correctly, take advantage of them, and even upsell. Whether it is delivery, pickup, dine-in, or order ahead, you can help customers make better online ordering decisions. leer más

How to add staff and set up their permissions for your restaurant?

Learn how to easily manage your restaurant staff and assign them the required permissions to do their job. You have excellent permission flexibility to fit any scenario. leer más

How to set up your payment gateways for your restaurant?

You can set up multiple gateways to allow your customer to pay easily online for their food orders or events tickets. We do not take any commissions! leer más